Wellness Camp Seminar

Wellness Camp Seminar

Saturday 13th to Thursday 18th April 2019

We humbly invite all yogis from around the world to attend Easter Wellness Camp.

Shri Mataji, You are Source of all our Wellness.  Jai Shri Mataji!

The Wellness Camp will coincide with our Easter Puja Seminar. Both events will be held at our Balmoral Country Property. The Camp will be blessed again to have two qualified doctors from the Vashi Research and Medical Centre in Mumbai, Dr Dipali Bandekar and Dr Nayana Jamdar, who come with enormous depth of knowledge in Sahaj treatments and techniques to cater to the wellness needs of Sahaja Yogis from all over the world.

The schedule comprises occasions of Pujas, havans, individual counselling sessions with the experts, collective meditations, practice of Sahaj treatments and techniques, daily footsoaking, being one with nature and living a collective life in a country property amidst beautiful landscape and ambience.

A typical day for the Wellness Camp

Collective Morning Meditation

Talk of Shri Mataji

Group clearing sessions

Individual counseling sessions

Lunch and rest/walk in natural surroundings

Group and individual treatment sessions


Collective meditation

Talk of Shri Mataji


Using our vibrations and the elements

Shri Mataji describes the importance of using our vibrations and the elements to clear ourselves and not to intellectualise a cure for our problems.

(Puja to the Devi Talk, Vaitarna – India Tour 21st January 1983)